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Published 1935

Seymour Hicks plays the title role in the first sound version of the Dickens classic about the miser who's visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve. This British import is notable for being the only adaptation of this story with an invisible Marley's Ghost and its Expressionistic cinematography. This is the uncut 78 minute version.

Run time 78 minutes
Producer Julius Hagen
Production Company Twickenham
Audio/Visual sound, black and white
Contact Information


Reviewer: Victor Von Psychotron - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 23, 2013
Subject: Nice version of the classic tale
I once played Scrooge in our community theatre, so I have an affection for the character and story. I think it's Dickens' best work. This is a good version of the story with some neat photography. It's liked a filmed version of a stage play (but with better sets), but that's okay. Good performances throughout and no muss or fuss.
Reviewer: johnk73 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 18, 2012
Subject: Frail Scrooge
Most versions portray Scrooge as still vigorous. Perhaps it is just because of the actor's age, but in this version we see him walking poorly, hands shaking, and poking roughly around with his walking stick.

This made him seem all the more pitiable in his empty home. When his fund of health has been used up (very soon), there will be no one to help him.

He is living in Marley's old place, as in the book. Marley's name is scratched out on the door. Seeing his partner's ghost seems even more likely if this was formerly his house.

Finally, I liked the reaction of the solicitors when they recognize him the next day. They look at him with disgust and are ready to move on. There is a price to pay for being rude to someone. There are little aspects like this that indicate a thought-out script.
Reviewer: surfvh - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 29, 2010
Subject: A Good Version Of The Dicken's Classic.
It has the best Bob Cratchit I've seen. He has a more believable affect about him, with his humor and energy. His family looks more like a family than the Cratchit families in the other films; although I must admit to loving Miss Piggy and her 2 daughters in the Muppet version of the 'Christmas Carol'. Anyway, this film is well worth watching for the differences in performance available here, even if it doesn't have Gonzo The Great and Rizzo The Rat in it.
Reviewer: square eyed boy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 27, 2010
Subject: I must be one of "This Crowd"
The first adaptation I saw was the Alastair Sim version and it has usually coloured my view, but I like this version a lot. Seymour Hicks was a theatre actor and it shows in his performance which is very solid.
Twickenham Studios (one of the Great British pre-war independent studios) produced a string of gems before Ealing picked up the post-war film baton.

It's unproductive to squabble over the 'best' of the good versions of a Christmas Carol. This is one of the best. Doowopbob's 'one star' is nonsensical.
Reviewer: Terry K - favoritefavorite - November 29, 2010
Subject: Check Out the '51 Version
Gotta agree with doowopbob: Alistair Sim is the definitive Scrooge. His "morning after" awakening never fails to have me laughing out loud!
Reviewer: doowopbob - favorite - March 4, 2010
Subject: ..Ah-Uh..
The Definitive Version As Everyone Knows (Except This Crowd)..Is The 1951 Version Starring Alistair Sim..!Scrooge aka/A Christmas Carol Is Perfection Of Dickens Intent..!..The Hollywood Version With Regenald Owen & The Lockhart Family..(June's Debut) Is Cornball, But Her Future Would Be Cemented Talking To A Dog & Gettin' Lost In Space..!
Reviewer: revdaddy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 29, 2009
Subject: Wonderful Movie
Truly a classic story and this is the best adaptation I've seen (tho I love most of them---the new ones aren't as good as the older ones). I know I will be sharing this adaptation with friends for years to come. Thanks and blessings to whoever posted it.
Reviewer: ERD. - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 14, 2009
Subject: Excellent version of "A Christmas Carol"
Despite its age, this 1935 movie, "Scrooge," captures the essence of Charles Dickens' story. I enjoyed Seymour Hicks characterization very much.
Reviewer: TheLady8 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 15, 2007
Subject: A Christmas Carol
This is my favorite Christmas movie of all time.It doesnt matter who plays in it,but this one is the best,I love them all.A classic favorite of mine for years to come.My grandkids enjoy it as well.Thank you for this wonderful movie and sharing it with us.
Reviewer: XMinusOne - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 16, 2007
Subject: An excellent version of the classic story
An excellent adaptation of the book and very similar to the classic Barrymore version. Missing in this version - and this is giving away part of the ending - is the Christmas meal scene at the Cratchet home. However, the ending to this version more than makes up for it; an slight twist on what you know fromt he Barrymore version. Considering when it was made, it's a film of the highest calibre and should be on everyone's Christmas viewing.
Reviewer: Gregoreuo - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 4, 2007
Subject: In agreement, the best Scrooge
I have seen all of the Scrooge movies or so I thought, until I came across this one. I agree with the other reviewer, this is the best one I've seen ever. No extravagant sound or special effects to wow the senses just good drama with a happy and realistic ending. It shows that a hardened heart can be changed even in old age. Thank you.
Reviewer: LordOfTheExacto - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 19, 2006
Subject: The best Scrooge I've seen on screen
The acting is kind of old-school melodramatic, but that's just the times. There's no attempt to explain away Scrooge's loathesomeness with bad experiences in his youth or any of that folderol; he's just vile. And Tiny Tim, while well-played, isn't milked for his cuteness. The whole focus is on the sin-and-redemption theme that the book centered around. This is the best adaptation of the iconic tale I've seen yet, and the more so for not being too far adapted.
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